• Excellent quality,in place service, best quality of products won the recognition of customers

    In early September, Mr. Li, an old customer from Tianjin, contacted Manager Hong, the head of Wuhan UHV Hebei region. In the subsequent conversation, Tianjin’s old customers were very satisfied with the experience of using Wuhan UHV equipment and gave positive feedback on the effects of use. Therefore, he recommended a new customer to Wuhan UHV.


    The new customer's purchase requirements include SGB series AC DC digital divider high voltage meters and UHV-280 Auto Insulation Boots Gloves Withstand Voltage Test Device and other equipment. The new customer has very high requirements on the performance, parameters and after-sales service of the equipment, so they conducted detailed communication and inspection on Wuhan UHV.


    In response to the new customers' focus on equipment, Manager Hong explained in detail the main parameters of the relevant equipment and Wuhan UHV's complete after-sales service system. Wuhan UHV has a professional technical team and after-sales personnel who can provide all-round support such as equipment installation and commissioning, training guidance and maintenance. In addition, Wuhan UHV also provides equipment warranty periods and options to extend the warranty period to ensure that customers receive timely and effective help during use.




    Through detailed communication and explanation on equipment performance, parameters and after-sales service, Wuhan UHV successfully gained recognition from the new customer and signed the order. This purchase will provide new customers with advanced, reliable and high-performance equipment to help them do their jobs better. At the same time, Wuhan UHV will continue to adhere to the concept of providing customers with high-quality products and perfect services, and continue to strive for innovation and progress!

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