• Good News! Wuhan UHV Supplies Batch to State Grid Tibet

    Recently, the market department of Wuhan UHV once again reported good news! A long-time client from Henan Province secured a bid with State Grid Tibet. Immediately after winning the bid, they contacted Mr. Geng, the manager responsible for Wuhan UHV in the Henan region. Prior to this, the client had been cooperating with Wuhan UHV and had a high level of recognition for their product quality, functionality, and service.



    After receiving the specifications, Manager Geng meticulously compared them. It was confirmed that Wuhan UHV's UHV-520 Off line Power Cable Identification Tester, UHV-521 Live line Cable Identification Device, and UHV-2571 Digital Ground Earth Resistance Meter matched the required product parameters.


    With the parameters confirmed, and due to their longstanding relationship as clients, a solid foundation of cooperation was already established. The client promptly drafted the contract, and after mutual confirmation of its accuracy, the contract was smoothly signed. The trial equipment needed to be sent to the Hubei Provincial Institute of Metrology for inspection. Once inspection was completed, Wuhan UHV promptly delivered the goods to Tibet, meeting the delivery deadline.


    Shortly after receiving the trial equipment, the client from State Grid Tibet was contacted by Wuhan UHV's after-sales service engineer for a video call. They assisted the client in installing and commissioning the equipment. The client also conducted on-site inspections, which resulted in a 100% pass rate, and the equipment was successfully delivered. The client expressed great satisfaction with Wuhan UHV's service.



    The fact that the client from Henan Province has repeatedly chosen Wuhan UHV products to supply to State Grid Tibet is not only due to their recognition of the quality and service but also reflects the trust established between Wuhan UHV and the client. Thanks to both new and old clients for their recognition and support of Wuhan UHV!

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