• Wuhan UHV Successfully Reaches Cooperation with Inner Mongolia Customers

    Recently, in the power equipment industry, an important cooperation was reached between Wuhan and Inner Mongolia. Recently, Wuhan UHV Company successfully signed a batch of power equipment contract with Inner Mongolia customer, which is not only the cooperation between the two companies, but also the witness of industrial strength and technology exchange between the regions.


    It is reported that the procurement contract for the batch of equipment was finalized after several rounds of detailed technical docking and business negotiations. The equipment includes UHV-404 CB анализаторы жоғары вольтты ауыстырып-қосқыштың уақытын тексеру құралы,UHV-220/30F аккумулятордың зарядсыздануын сынаушы анализатор,UHV-802 3 фазалы релелік сынаушы Екіншілік ток инжекциясының сынақ жинағы, UHV-10A DC resistance tester and other batch of equipments, etc. The customer's enterprise is an overhaul company located in Inner Mongolia, which has very high requirements for power equipment, and needs to withstand the harsh natural environment as well as to ensure continuous and stable power output. To ensure the continuous and stable power output. After many evaluations and comparisons, Wuhan UHV's equipment won the customer's trust with its excellent performance indexes and outstanding reliability record.


    During the negotiation between the two sides, Wuhan UHV showed strong technical support and flexible customization capability. In view of the climate characteristics of Inner Mongolia and the special demand for the equipment, Wuhan UHV Manager Hong put forward a series of targeted solutions and made a number of technical improvements to the standard products to adapt to the specific working conditions of the customer.


    It is especially worth mentioning that in this cooperation, Wuhan UHV not only provided the equipment, but also designed a set of comprehensive power system solutions for the customer. From the early stage of grid planning and design, the mid-term equipment supply to the later stage of installation and commissioning, and even long-term maintenance services, Wuhan UHV has demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and sense of responsibility.


    After the contract was signed, Wuhan UHV Company acted quickly, organized the production force to work overtime to produce the equipment, and promised that it would be delivered in strict accordance with the time specified in the contract. At the same time, the company will also send a professional technical team to Inner Mongolia to assist the customer in the installation and commissioning of the equipment to ensure that each piece of equipment can be put into use in the shortest possible time to maximize its effectiveness.



    After-sales service is also a high priority for Wuhan UHV. We promise to provide a one-year warranty period, during which any quality problems will be solved in a timely and effective manner. Meanwhile, in order to guarantee the long-term stable operation of the equipment, the company has also established a regular return visit mechanism to provide customers with continuous technical support and service through a combination of remote diagnosis and on-site overhaul.


    The successful signing of this contract between Wuhan UHV and the Inner Mongolia customer is a win-win result for both sides. It not only opens up a new market for Wuhan UHV and strengthens the brand's industry influence, but also solves the actual needs of the customer and enhances the competitiveness of the industry. In the future, with the deepening of cooperation, the two companies will also explore more cooperation possibilities in technological innovation and market expansion, and jointly promote the sustainable development of the regional economy.

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