• After-sales | Wuhan UHV After-sales Team Went to Shandong to Provide Customers with On-site Test Guidance

    Recently, the after-sales technical personnel of Wuhan UHV Company went to Dongying, Shandong Province to provide product technical training. The customer purchased a set of UHV-280 insulated boots and gloves withstand voltage tester, UHV-S10A DC resistance tester, UHV-H100A loop resistance tester, UHV-702 microcomputer relay protection tester and a series of other equipments, and the after-sales personnel of Wuhan UHV Company rushed to Dongying, Shandong Province, and went to the customer's company the next day to provide on-site test guidance. On March 11th, the after-sales personnel of Wuhan Extra High Voltage Company rushed to Dongying, Shandong Province, and went to the customer's company for on-site test guidance on the next day. The main contents of this test are insulated pole withstand voltage test, insulated boots and gloves leakage test, and starting voltage test of detectors.



    Fully automatic power safety equipment test bench is in accordance with the State Power Corporation on the issuance of "electric power safety equipment preventive testing procedures" (trial) of the notice (Guodian hair [2002] 777) and the State Grid Corporation of the electric power safety regulations (substation part) based on the requirements of the research and development. All the indexes of this product are in line with the requirements of the national standard. According to the "electric power safety work equipment preventive test procedures" requirements of the insulating shoes, insulated gloves and other safety work equipment for intelligent insulation voltage test, insulated boots and insulated gloves test cycle for half a year, the test process is not allowed to break through, at the same time, insulated boots insulated insulated gloves leakage current is not greater than the limit value. The product is applicable to all electric power related industries.


    The instrument can simultaneously carry out the test of 8 insulating boots or insulating gloves, and measure the leakage current of each specimen. The insulating shoes test adopts the dry test method of placing small steel balls inside, getting rid of the traditional practice of pouring water into the shoes to do the test, and it is not easy to dry them in the sun after the test. High and low voltage separation, leakage current is transmitted to the control box by anti-interference wireless transmission technology, which greatly protects personal safety. Each test article has a breaking mechanism, when any one of the breakdown or more than the set leakage current value, the test article will be automatically detached from the test, does not affect the other test articles for the test.


    Wuhan UHV technicians in the customer's company test site, in the field with the help of the staff will be assembled test device, the test is 35kV insulated rod, the test voltage is 95kV, the test voltage is higher, so the whole process is set up with safety personnel, the training, insulated boots, insulated gloves, the standard test methods are demonstrated, after the demonstration of the test, by the customer to operate the instrument and wiring, to ensure that the test is carried out by the customer, and the test will be carried out by the customer. After the demonstration test, the customer operates the instrument and wiring by hand to ensure that the customer can master the test method.


    After the demonstration test, the customer was asked to operate the equipment and wiring by hand to ensure that the customer could master the test methods. Wuhan UHV provides after-sales technical support, no matter when you bought the instruments from Wuhan UHV, Wuhan UHV will provide you with professional consulting services, and Wuhan UHV will reply to your letters or phone calls as soon as possible to help you solve any problems.


    Wuhan UHV believes that Wuhan UHV's after-sales service will make you feel more at ease to use our products, please feel free to contact with us , Wuhan UHV will be very pleasure to serve you!

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