• Wuhan UHV Continues to Innovate! UHV Series Lightning Impulse Voltage Generator Test Device Leads Industry Change

    Innovation, undoubtedly, is the indispensable core driving force for enterprises to move towards high-quality development. In the ever-changing market environment, enterprises want to stand out in the fierce competition, it is necessary to constantly pursue technological innovation. Only through continuous technological innovation, enterprises can continue to enhance their core competitiveness, so as to take the lead in market competition, to achieve a clear advantage, and ultimately win the future development space.


    In the process of moving from manufacturing to "smart manufacturing", Wuhan UHV always pays attention to the development of the industry and changes in market demand, and focuses on researching and developing new products with good quality and cost-effective price by using new technology and new techniques. Recently, the R&D department has been spreading good news, and the company has successfully launched a very competitive product: UHV(V) найзағай импульстік кернеу генераторының сынақ құрылғысы.



    Impulse voltage generator is mainly used for electric equipment and other specimens for lightning shock voltage full wave, lightning shock voltage intercept wave and operation shock voltage wave shock voltage test, test insulation performance. Impulse voltage generator is a kind of power device which imitates the impact voltage of lightning and operation overvoltage. It is mainly used for insulation shock withstand voltage and dielectric shock breakdown, discharge and other tests.


    Scope of application: transformers, reactors, transformers and other high-voltage electrical appliances, high-voltage thyristor valve SVC (HVDC), power cables, all kinds of high-voltage insulators, casing and other specimens of the standard lightning impact, lightning cut-off wave, the operation of the impact and the user requirements of the non-standard shock wave of the various types of impact voltage test. A set of equipment can produce a variety of test waveforms (standard and non-standard waveforms, waveforms proposed by the user). Applicable fields: quality inspection, identification, measurement, testing and supervision institutions, power equipment manufacturers, railroad communications, aerospace and aerospace vehicles, military research units, colleges and universities and meteorological and other departments of lightning protection and lightning test.


    The new product features are as follows:


    (1) The circuit inductance is small, and take the band resistance filtering measures, in the large electric capacity load can produce standard shock wave, load capacity.


    (2) High voltage utilization coefficient, lightning wave and operation wave are not less than 85% and 80% respectively.


    (3) Convenient wave adjustment, simple operation, good synchronization performance and reliable action.


    (4) Adopting constant current charging automatic control technology, high degree of automation and strong anti-interference ability.


    Meanwhile, Wuhan UHV will also exert its strong scientific research strength, continuously increase investment in technology research and development, and innovate to introduce more high-quality new products in order to enhance the company's competitiveness and market position.

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