• Gansu Wind Power Company Purchased a Batch of 110kV High Voltage Test Equipment from Wuhan UHV

    As early as July 2023, Gansu Wind Power Company's Mr. Yang invited Wuhan Extra High Voltage's Mr. Pang to meet with him about the technical problems of the test equipment. During the conversation, Mr. Yang talked about the company's problems related to the preventive testing of 110kV substations and put forward the demand for test equipment. After a day of technical communication and confirmation of the combination of on-site environment, Mr. Yang and Mr. Pang sorted out fourteen sets of test equipment which include Including UHV жиілігін түрлендіру айнымалы ток сериясының резонанстық сынақ жүйесі,UHV-600 SF6 газдың толық тазалығы шық нүктесінің анализаторы,UHV-406 high-voltage switch dynamic characteristic tester (double-end grounding),UHV-310 SFRA сынау жиілігінің жауап анализаторы,UHV-702 үш фазалы релелік қорғаныс сынау жинағы,UHV-501 TDR Multiple Pulses Cable Fault Tester,UHV-103 CT PT анализаторы Ток трансформаторын сынаушыand other test equipment. Manager Pang immediately organized the quotation information to Mr. Yang, who then submitted the plan for approval.



    Time came to 2024, the project ushered in the procurement progress, the procurement will be responsible for the Beijing supplier Mr. Li, Mr. Li in the parameters and equipment performance against the Wuhan UHV Pang signed a procurement contract with the manager of the company, and so on Mr. Li paid the money, Pang manager to arrange for the company's delivery, in order to ensure the quality of the equipment, the Wuhan UHV Quality Inspection Department of the appearance of the equipment, the performance of the test rate of multi-directional testing to ensure that the equipment delivered to the hands of the user is perfect, and to ensure that the equipment to the user's hands, and so on. In order to ensure the quality of the equipment, the quality inspection department of Wuhan UHV carried out multi-directional inspection on the appearance of the equipment, performance, test rate and other aspects, to ensure that the equipment is delivered to the user's hands is the most perfect, and after a day of efforts of the quality inspection department, the equipment will be nailed to the box delivery.

    After the delivery, Wuhan UHV Manager Pang made an appointment with Mr. Yang for equipment training, which is indispensable to ensure the safe use of technicians.




    This purchase not only reflects the trust and recognition of Gansu Wind Power Company to Wuhan UHV power equipment, but also shows the strength and influence of the two companies in the power industry. Through close technical communication and cooperation, the two companies are expected to jointly promote the innovation and development of the power industry and provide a more stable and reliable power supply for the society.

    At the same time, it also shows that Gansu Wind Power is continuously upgrading its technical strength and management level to meet the growing demand for electricity. Through the introduction of advanced test equipment, the company will make greater breakthroughs in improving production efficiency, enhancing product quality and strengthening enterprise competitiveness.

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