• UHV Series AC resonant Test System

    UHV Series AC resonant Test System can conduct the Withstand Voltage test for 0~ 1000kV cable, hydraulic generator, main Transformer, Bus, GIS, Switchgear and other electric instrument etc. And the system is mainly composed by AC Power Source, Excitation Transformer, High voltage reactors, High voltage Divider etc. The whole system comply the standard: GB 50150-2016,DL/T 849.6-2016,DL/T 474.4-2018. And the system have following features:


    1.Ratings from 22 kV to over 10 million Volts

    2.Variable Frequency systems from 30 to 300 Hz

    3.High Q ratings for low input current requirements

    4.Transformer oil/ Silica /Epoxy Insulated Cylinder designs

    5.Series and Parallel Resonance configurations

    6.Stand-alone systems for factory/laboratory use

    7.Computerized-assisted controls with user-friendly software

    8.English and Chinese language switches freely, other language can be customized

    9.Equip with portable high voltage reactor Lifting device,make installation work more easy.

    10.Transportable, wheels on the base for AC Power Source, Excitation Transformer, High voltage Divider for on-site or in door test.

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