• UHV-2000A

    UHV-2000A Partial Discharge analyzer is mainly used for detect and analyze the partial discharge level for electric products like cable, insulators, bushings, transformers etc. It comply the standards: IEC6067.11, IEC6067.11, IEC60885-3, DL/T 846.4-2016, DL/T 846.11-2016, the equipment have following features:


    1.4 partial discharge measurement channels sample, process, display independently;

    2.Inner, Outer trigger mode for options. Have zero mark indicator and can distinguish phase;

    3.Display mode: Ellipse, Line, Sine;

    4.Single partial discharge pulse wave analysis, to analyze it's character;

    5.Support to store test wave and data, playback and analyze the stored test record;

    6.Gain: Adjust each channel independently, it doesn't interfere other channels, and doesn't change the measurement result of other channels;

    7.Support capture some special or random wave and to have specific analysis;

    8.Anti-noise, can get rid of the interfere noise which fixed in phase;

    9.Anti-noise with filter, can filter out the random noise which is not synchronized with power;

    10.Bandpass filter adopts analog and digital filter methods, the band can be freely combined to restrain any interferes;

    11.Freely select within 360º with single window mode, double window mode;

    12.Display test voltage while measuring the partial discharge;

    13.Support measure, time and wave analysis with the partial discharge record;

    14.Display partial discharge figure in 2D, 3D

    15.Freely store, print partial discharge picture, data, and automatically generate test report;

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