• ZGF series

    ZGF series 200kV 300kV 400kV split type DC Hipot Tester is mainly composed by control main host, Voltage doubling Cylinder, Corona ring etc. It can conduct the DC high voltage withstand test and Leakage current test for valve arrester, power transformer, 35-500kV cable and Zinc oxide arrester, It is used for:

    1.Conduction current test of valve type lightning arrester.

    2.DC withstand voltage test and leakage current measurement of power transformers.

    3. DC withstand voltage test and leakage current measurement of high-voltage cables (35~500kV and below).

    4. U1mA DC reference voltage test and leakage current test at 0.75U1mA for zinc oxide lightning arrester.


    It has the feature:

    1.The DC high-voltage generator has small ripple coefficient, stable and reliable voltage output, no noise, and good reliability

    2.Equipped with overvoltage, overcurrent, zero voltage start and fault protection functions, with adjustable voltage protection values and intuitive display

    3.The voltage and current are displayed digitally, and there are readings when the power is turned on, making it easy to monitor the output status

    4.Equipped with 0.75 times voltage conversion for easy testing of zinc oxide lightning arresters

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