• 30kV ~ 90kV AC VLF Hipot Tester

    30kV ~ 90kV AC VLF Hipot Tester is mainly composed by control main host, High Voltage Generator and Self check capacitor etc. It can conduct the withstand voltage test for Large and medium-sized generators, motors, power cables which have larger capacity(uF).

    it has the feature:

    1.High degree of intelligence: adopting digital frequency conversion technology, microcomputer control, fully automated testing processes such as boosting, reducing voltage, and measuring.

    2.Convenient operation: simple wiring, 7-inch large LCD touch screen, convenient operation, and friendly human-computer interaction.

    3.Comprehensive protection: multiple protections (overvoltage protection, high and low voltage side overcurrent protection), quick action (action time 10ms), and safe and reliable instrument.

    4.Safe and reliable: The controller is connected to the high-voltage generator at low voltage, with photoelectric control, ensuring safe and reliable use.

    5.Adopting a high and low voltage closed-loop negative feedback control circuit, the output has no capacitance rise effect.

    6.Accurate sampling: High voltage current and voltage data are directly obtained through high-voltage side sampling, so the data is real and accurate.

    7.Fully equipped: 7-inch capacitive touch screen, LCD Chinese character display, automatic storage, and automatic printing.

    8.Wide testing range: 0.1Hz, 0.05Hz, and 0.02Hz multiple frequency selection, with a wide testing range.

    9.Convenient to carry: The instrument is compact and lightweight, making it very suitable for outdoor work.

    10.Multi-language display: Chinese and English switching function, other languages can do customize.

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